5 Hair Growth Remedies Actually Work

5 Hair Growth Remedies That Actually Work
We put together 5 awesome hair growth remedies that really work. Each remedy uses natural ingredients and is great for keeping your hair long, strong and beautiful!

1. Grow & Strengthen Your Hair Using Castor OilTry this method for keeping your scalp moisturized and promoting healthy growth.

2. Do-It-Yourself Natural Hair SerumNourishing, easy to make and works wonderfully.

3. Home Remedy for Bald SpotsAre you having trouble with bald or thinning hair? Onions are a powerful natural ingredient that ae great for stimulating blood flow in the scalp.

4. DIY Hot Oil TreatmentKeep your hair strong and growing long with a simple hot oil treatment using only 3 ingredients!

5. Remedy for Thicker, Fuller EyebrowsHave you plucked too much hair? Is your brow hair too thin? We have a simple tip to keep your eyebrows thick, strong and looking beautiful.

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