5 Tips for Healthy Skin!

5  tips for healthy skin
Great tips to prevent dry & flaky skin and to keep your skin silky smooth!

1. Exfoliate

Create a body scrub out of coconut oil, lemon juice and sea salt to make a gentle body scrub that gets rid of bacteria and dead skin cells. Keeps skin soft & smooth!

2. Try Natural

Try using honey or coconut oil to moisturize your skin with. Filled with plenty of vitamins & nutrients you need.

3 Avoid Hot Water

While hot water can be relaxing, try to avoid using hot water to prevent skin from drying out & becoming dull.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking multiple cups of water every day keeps your to make sure your skin stays refreshed and doesn’t start to dry and and become flaky.

5. Sun Exposure

Unhealthy amounts of exposure to the Sun’s harmful UV rays will have negative affects on the health of your skin causing it to become dry and flaky.

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