Amazing DIY Beauty Part 1

Amazing DIY Beauty Part 1
DIY beauty is fun, inexpensive and can be safer than chemical filled, store bought items.

Part 1 of our Amazing DIY beauty using natural items.

1. Softer Skin

Softer skin is easier than you think. Sweet almond oil contain nutrient rich properties that moisturize dry and chapped skin. Leave you looking radiant and your skin feeling silky smooth.

2. Self Tanner

For that perfect natural summer glow. Get that custom glow without the Sun’s harmful UV rays and chemical filled products. Coconut oil mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cornstarch makes for a great self-tanner.

3. Gentle Scrub

Keep your skin beautiful naturally! Wonderfully easy to make, exfoliates away dead skin cells. Scrubs are great for keeping your body healthy and looking beautiful!

4. Berry Colorful

Save on hair dyes and lipstick! Use mashed berry juice as a natural way to dye your hair or enhance its coloring. Also dab on your lips for a fun natural lip color.

5. Lovely Lashes

Longer thicker lashes while you sleep! Dip a mascara wand into petroleum jelly and apply to your lashes at night. Repeat once a night for up to a month.

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