Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight
A list of delicious and nutrient rich foods to keep you healthy and help with weight loss.

Bananas – Rich in potassium to help the body strengthen muscles and burn fat instead of carbs.

Apples – Tasty, low calories and can be easily carried for a snack.

Berries – High in antioxidants and other nutrients. Helps you to feel full and satisfied after eating.

Avocado – Increases metabolism to make your body burn fat faster.

Grapefruit – Grapefruit juice helps to fill you up so you’ll eat fewer calories and lose weight.

Lemon – A glass of lemon water is a great replacement for a high calorie, sugar-filled juice. A good source of Vitamin C, popular as a detox, and great for keeping your metabolism steady.

Pomegranates – High in fiber and antioxidants that are beneficial for your body.

Other foods to incorporate into your diet and great for melting the fat away:
Herbal Tea

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