Best Summer Haircare Tips

Best Summer Hair Care Tips
Below are 5 of our favorite haircare tips you can follow to keep your hair staying beautiful and prevent from becoming dull & drying out. These tips are great especially during the hot summer weather!

Best Summer Hair Care Tips

1. Stop Split Ends.

Avocado mixed with coconut oil & honey works great to fix and prevent split ends.

2. Moisturize.

Use mayonnaise mixed with honey to keep hair moisturized and prevent from drying out.

3. Prevent Chlorine Damage.

Rinse apple cider vinegar mixed with water through your hair to prevent from chlorine damage and to keep your hair from becoming dull.

4. Use Less Heat

The summer is perfect for allowing your hair to air dry to give your hair its natural texture. If you do use heat, make sure to blowdry using a nozzle to protect your hair.

5. Use Essential Oils.

Use essential oils on your hair & scalp to rehydrate and protect your hair during warm summer months.

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