Breakfast Swap

breakfast swap
This is an awesome guide brought to you by Through The Burn and we thought it would be great to share with you.

Something as simple as swapping out your breakfast for healthier foods can go a long way in helping to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Instead of a chocolate donut, swap for a chocolate-chip granola bar.

Have a taste for a strawberry poptart? Those poptarts have 200 calories each tart. Swap those pop-tarts for a slice of toast with strawberry jam.

Bagel with cream cheese? How about a Greek yogurt with granola.

Just because the Starbucks is on your way to work doesn’t mean you need to stop there.

Switch that latte with a fruit smoothie. Just as tasty, gives you a boost of energy and won’t give you that bloating feeling in a few hours.

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