Brushing Basics – Hair Brush Guide

Brushing Basics - A Guide for Hair Brushes
8 of our favorite hair brushes and what they are used best for.

Round Brushes – For creating the perfect curl.

Teasing Brushes – Work great for backcombing, and finishing hairstyles.

Paddle Brush – A must have for all hair types. Smoothing, detangling and use to keep your hair looking great.

Wide Tooth Comb – Great for using on wet hair to detangle knots

Rat Tail Comb – For creating the perfect part. Very Flexible and resilient.

Mason Pearson Brush – For Finishing and smoothing.

Large Round Brush – For creating a silky blowout. Best used on wet hair.

Styling Brush – For natural curly hair. Very versatile and great for detangling knots.

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