DIY Rose Oil Beauty Cream

DIY Rose Oil Beauty Cream

Image Courtesy of: ShutterStock

Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin! Say hello to this wonderful multi-purpose beauty cream you’re going to love.

Great for preventing dryness with anti-aging properties using mainly shea butter and rose oil.

Prevent from wrinkles and keep your skin glowing and looking radiant.

Items You’ll Need for This Cream…
3 tbsp. Shea Butter
1/2 tbsp. Sunflower Oil
1 tsp. Bentonite Clay
5 drops Rose Oil
3 drops Geranium Oil

Start by mixing the sunflower oil in with the Shea butter, then add the bentonite clay.

Add your oils and whip together until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Use on dry, cracked hands or on your tummy to help fade stretch marks.

Nourish and moisturize your face and enjoy the anti-aging properties this beauty cream has to offer.

Store in a jar or container with a tightly fitting lid and use within 3 weeks.

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