Effective Home Remedies to Prevent Wrinkles

The effects of aging are inevitable, as a you get older your skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. This tends to lead to wrinkles, & lines on your skin.

Damage from the Sun, smoking, & lack of sleep can also drastically speed up the aging process.

Not to worry, there are quite a few natural remedies you can use to help prevent and slow down this process, without breaking the bank.

How Can I Prevent From Wrinkles?

1). Get Plenty of Sleep

An adequate sleep schedule goes along way to prevent crease and wrinkles in the skin.

2). Healthy Diet

Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables incorporated into your diet is a great to keep those wrinkles away and prevent them from coming back.

3). Avoid Stress

This may be easier said then done, but avoiding stressful situations can really help from wrinkles forming as your face will not be squinting and squished up as much.

4). Apply Sunscreen

If you are going to be spending time outside, we suggest applying sunscreen daily to avoid the enzymes in your skin from breaking down due to the Sun’s powerful UV rays.

Home Remedies That Get Rid of Wrinkles

1). Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, specifically epigallocatechin gallate. This is a powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles, heals scars and even treats effects from caused from sun damage. Either drinking a glass of green tea once a day or applying to your skin as a mask mixed with honey or olive oil can really help keep wrinkles away and get rid of ones that have already began to form.

2). Honey

Honey is really amazing for getting rid of wrinkles and lines due to the anti-aging and antibacterial properties. You’ll want to use raw organic honey mixed with a toner such as apple cider vinegar and wear it as a mask on your face for about 15-20 minutes.

3). Cucumber

Cucumbers are made up of about 95% water. Applying slices of cucumbers on your eyes for 5-10 minutes helps to reduce puffiness in the skin by nourishing & hydrating the skin, which prevents from stretching and keeping wrinkles & crows feet at bay.

4). Olive Oil

Massaging Olive oil onto your skin once every few days helps to keep the skin from drying out and cracking. Mixed with a few drops of rose oil, can be left on for a few minutes or overnight then washing off in the morning.

5). Dark Chocolate

Cacao beans a key ingredient in dark chocolate can actually keep you looking younger by preventing wrinkles. Some of you may be trying to prevent from eating sweet and sugary foods, but eating a small amount of dark chocolate once in a while can actually be good for you!

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