Effective Remedy for Age Spots

Effective Remedy for Age Spots
How to naturally fade and remove age spots using a chemical free remedy that actually works!

Really simple to make and also works great for fading acne scars, blemishes, freckles and those annoying little red bumps.

Items You Need…
2 tbsp. Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tbsp. Honey
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp. Turmeric

Mix together and apply directly to spots or wherever blemishes are present using a small cotton swab.

Let the mixture sit on your skin for about 10 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

If you start to have a reaction or any irritation, immediately rinse off and wipe down skin with a damp cloth.

If you have any leftover just toss it as you won’t need to store it.

Make sure not to get any mixture on your clothes or furniture as it may stain.

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