Healing Benefits of Using Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has been around for quite sometime now. You may be familiar with some uses in diy beauty, there are many more ways this amazing plant can benefit you and your family. We are going to list 10, but believe us when we say these are only just a few benefits peppermint oil has to offer.

1). Aids Digestion – Drink with water to relax your muscles & naturally reduce bloating and gas.

2). Boosts Energy – Non-toxic, safe to use, gives a natural energy boost without the comedown.

3). Reduces Sinus Issues – Helps to clear sinuses and to relieve a scratchy throat.

4). Anti-Itch – Mixed with lavender oil provides a cool & soothing sensation from bug bites and rashes.

5). Reduces Fever – Mix with coconut oil and apply to back of neck or bottom of feet to reduce a fever.

6). Treats Acne – Use as a facial cleanser. Anti-microbial properties to help rid acne, reduce breakouts.

7). Relieves Headache – When applied to the temples, helps to reduce tension & relieve migraines.

8). Bug Repellent – Keep away spiders, roaches, ants & other pests with this natural repellent.

9). Home Vapor Rub
– Add coconut oil & eucalyptus oil, acts as decongestant to reduce asthma symptoms

10). Protects Teeth – Combined with coconut oil to help strengthen, protect & brighten your teeth.

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