Healing Benefits of Using With Hazel

Benefits of Using Witch Hazel
Nowadays, we have so many beauty products and it seems there is literally an EO for everything.

Allow us to introduce you to our new favorite EO. An anti-inflammatory, witch hazel is made from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch-hazel shrub.

Below we have listed some of the wonderful healing benefits the amazing oil has to offer. This isn’t a complete list just a few of the best uses! (We think!)

1. Cleanses Scrapes/Cuts – Use a small amount to cleanse cuts & prevent from getting an infection.

2. Reduces Itching – From poison ivy, chicken pox, eczema & even a dry scalp. Massaging a small amount of WH onto the affected area will help stop the itch and relieve any pain within a matter of minutes!

3. Soothes Burns – Dab a small amount of WH onto minor burns to relieve pain from burns and help prevent your skin from peeling due.

4. Reduces Swelling – Put witch hazel on a cotton ball and dab onto your skin to speed up the healing process & reduce swelling

5. Control Acne/Breakouts – Use to help prevent from acne and control breakouts. Can also be used to help clear blemishes and other imperfections.

6. Varicose Veins – Tightens the veins & reduces the pain. Wrap a towel soaked with Witch Hazel around the leg.

Other Uses – Witch hazel can also be used to help relive discomfort due to hemorrhoid and diaper rash.

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