Healthy Snack Alternatives

Healthy & Simple Snack Alternatives
Skip those high in sugar,processed foods that are no good for your health. If you are craving something to eat, try some of these healthy snack alternatives that are sure to fill you up without weighing you down.

Making A Sandwich? Instead of using sliced bread (which is low in essential nutrients), try using pita bread. It’s just as tasty as white bread!

If you are serving mashed potatoes for dinner, why not try switching it up and serving mashed cauliflower instead?

Swap out sour cream and use Greek Yogurt instead!

French fries aren’t very healthy and can be quite greasy. Instead next time you want fries, try some sweet potato fries. You can make them salty, crunchy and they taste just as great!

Craving something sweet? Skip the juice and add some fresh fruit to cold water. You’ll get a great tasting drink that isn’t filled with processed or artificial ingredients!

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