Homemade Eyeshadow Using Cocoa Powder

DIY Eyeshadow Using Cocoa Powder
Using Cocoa Powder As Eyeshadow

This fun little diy is very simple and just something to try r if you happen to run out of eyeshadow and don’t have time to get more.

In a small bowl add about 1/2 tbsp. Cocoa Powder.

For a lighter eyeshadow, add 1 tsp. Arrowroot Powder.

For a darker shadow, add 1 tsp. Activated Charcoal.

Use a small cotton swab and dip into powder then apply.

Be careful not to get any in your eye and if you start having any type of allergic reaction, immediately wipe off using a wet cloth.

This homemade eyeshadow works just as good as regular store-bought brands and isn’t filled with a ton of chemicals.

Image Credit: Abel Tumik / ShutterStock

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