Lemon Juice for Hair

Lemon Juice for Hair
Lemon juice is great for your hair and beneficial for the health of your scalp.

Below are a few ways lemon juice can be beneficial for your hair & scalp.

1. Helps to bring out your natural highlights in your hair.

2. Gently exfoliates and removes buildup on the scalp from product use.

3. Lemon juice is rich in vitamins that nourish your hair, keeping the strands healthy and promoting growth.

4. If your hair has been looking dull, try a lemon juice spray to increase shine and keep your hair soft.

5. Dandruff is really annoying and can be difficult to prevent. Adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to your shampoo is a great natural way for stopping dandruff in its tracks.

6. Mixing lemon juice with baking soda and rinsing through your hair will help to soak up oils and make your hair look less greasy.

Check back often for more tips & tricks using natural remedies you can do at home!

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