Naturally Darken Hair Using Coffee

Naturally Darken Hair Using Coffee
Coffee can be used to naturally darken your hair without putting a ton of chemicals in your hair.

You can use coffee grounds to darken your hair and add shine without much cost to you.

If you like to maintain a dark hair color, but don’t like to repeatedly use hair dyes, this method would be great for you.

What You Need:
2 tbsp. Conditioner
1 tbsp. Coffee Grounds
Essential Oils (optional)

Mix together about 1 tbsp. of Organic Coffee Grounds with 2 tbsp. Conditioner. Some users complained they don’t like the smell, so you may want to add a few drops of essential oils, but this is completely optional.

Apply mixture to hair, starting at roots and working your fingers through your hair.

If you use a wide tooth comb, it may be be easier to distribute the mixture through your hair.

Put your hair in a shower cap and let it sit for around 30 minutes.

Don’t let the mixture sit in your hair for more than 45 minutes, as it will dry and be harder to rinse out.

Remove shower cap and rinse hair with cool water. Do not use shampoo, just rinse.

Why use coffee in your hair? Well, for one, there is less of a mess than if you were using store-bought hair dye.

Also, the price of dye is around the same price as a tin of instant coffee, and you only need 2 tbsp. worth of coffee.

Not only is this natural, quick and a lot easier than regular hair dye, but if you drip any on the floor or skin, it won’t stain like regular dye will.

It’s just that simple, and we love sharing these tips with you! Enjoy!

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