Naturally Strengthen Your Nails

Naturally Strengthen Your Nails
How to Naturally Strengthen Your Nails

Do your finger and toenails break or crack easily? We recently discovered a useful tip that is quite helpful for those that suffer with brittle nails.

Strengthen your nails at home with little cost to you.

What You’ll Need:
1-2 tbsp. Organic Olive Oil
1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil
10 drops Frankincense oil

Add oils together in a small bow and mix together.

Transfer mixture to a small glass vile or glass bottle with a dropper.

Add Frankincense oil to bottle with oil and stir using a tooth pick.

If you are using a dropper, apply 1 drop to each of tour nails and rub around the base of your nail.

You can also put a small amount in your hand and massage onto your nails that way.

You can also use this mixture on your toe nails!

Use up to 2-3 times per week for up to 3 weeks, then once a week afterwards.

Image Credit: Valua Vitaly / ShutterStock

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