Rose Oil Facial Cream

Rose Oil Cream for Anti-Aging & Dryness
How to make a simple cream using rose oil to keep you relaxed, looking vibrant and young!

This cream contains ingredients that nourishes and replenishes dry skin. When kept in a cool, dry place has a shelf life of over a month!

Plenty of benefits for your skin and a pleasant smell to keep your body relaxed and in a good mood.

Facial Cream Ingredients:

1/2 cup Rose Oil
1/3 cup distilled water
3 tbsp. Almond Oil
2 tbsp. Beeswax Pellets
2-5 drops Rose Essential Oil


First, melt the beeswax pellets in a pan on low heat along with the water. Whisk together the beeswax and add in the oils. Combine tigether and mix thoroughly, set aside to cool.

Transfer to a heat safe glass container with lid for easier storage. Mix together before each use to blend the oils.

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