Straighten Hair Without Heat

Straighten Hair Without Heat
How to straighten hair without using heat.

Works for curly & wavy hair. You will need to do this using damp hair, so it’s best to do after you have gotten out of the shower.

What You Need:
10-30 Bobby Pins
Hair Elastic
Wave Brush
Wig Cap or Hair net

Take hair and separate into two sections, twist off one section using hair elastic and set to the side.

Brush out the other section of hair and take a bobby pin and put in hair near your forehead above the eye. Place another bobby pin behind the first one.

Put another bobby pin in hair near your temple and another bobby pin behind that one as well.

Continue wrapping and bobby pinning your hair securely around your head.

Once you get around the back of your head, remove remaining hair in elastic and brush out hair.

Part your hair into two sections and bring one section across the top of your head to the other side and pin along the top of your head with bobby pins.

Brush out remaining section of hair and wrap and pin along the top of your head.

Take the wig cap or hair net and put over head. Now just relax for a few hours. Take a nap or read a book.

After a few hours, once hair is dry, remove wig cap and take out bobby pins.

Run fingers through hair and lightly brush and enjoy your perfectly straight hair without using heat.

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