Tip for Thicker Eyelashes

How to get thicker eyelashes
How to get thicker, fuller eyelashes without using false lashes.

Now you can get thicker, fuller looking lashes at home without using false lashes using simple methods we have put together for you.


DIY Lash Growth Booster

Condition your eyelashes keeping them healthy and strong while promoting healthy lash growth using Castor Oil.

For easier application, clean off and use an old mascara wand or purchase a mascara tool from your local beauty supply store.

Dip your wand or qtip into a small amount of Castor Oil and carefully apply a coat to your eyelashes. Do this once every few days or so.

After a few weeks, you will notice considerable lash growth. Castor oil has been said to help with promoting eyelash growth while darkening your lashes natural color.


Thicker Fuller Looking Lashes Using Baby Powder

That’s right! Give yourself naturally thick and fuller looking lashes using baby powder.

First apply a coat of mascara to your eyelashes, then dip a qtip into a small amount of baby powder and coat your eyelashes with a light layer.

Apply another coat of mascara. Notice how the mascara sticks to the baby powder, adding volume and making your lashes look thicker and fuller naturally.

This way you don’t have to deal with applying false lashes as this method only takes a couple minutes and is super simple!

Image Credit: ShutterStock / Violanda

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