Tips for Keeping Healthy, Beautiful Hair

How To Maintain Healthy & Beautiful Hair
Here are a few tips we put together for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. These are really easy to remember so it doesn’t take much.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday
When you wash your hair, the shampoo is removing all the natural oils causing your body to produce more oil which causes greasy looking hair. Going a day or two in between washes is actually healthier and will help with preventing breakages and split ends. There are other alternatives like using a dry shampoo or applying olive oil in between washes to keep in the shine and minimize frizz.

Finding the Right Product
Everyone has different hair and what may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Trying ,out new products to see what works for your hair type is very important.

Is your hair thin and straight? Do you want to add volume? Is your curly or fine? Even if someone has a similar hair type, that same product may not be best for you.

Brush Before You Shower
Your hair is brittle and weak when wet. It is important that you brush before getting your hair wet. Use a wide tooth comb to straighten or detangle hair after you have gotten it wet.

Taking Supplements
Give yourself a boost from the inside. Taking a vitamin or supplement every once in a while is a great way to strengthen hair and increase shine. You always want to check with your doctor to find what may be best for you and before taking any supplements.

Drinking Plenty of Water
Another way to keeping hair beautiful is to drink lots of water. Clean water is essential to good health and drinking at least 8 ounces of purified water daily is a simple way to keep your hair hydrated and looking rich in color.

A healthy sleep schedule is important for maintaining the health of your hair and to prevent the chance of breakage or split ends.

Treat your hair like you would your skin and handle with care. Sleep on a satin pillow case and avoid styling your hair in the morning when your hair is weaker. Apply heat before going to sleep to avoid extra damage and to allow your hair repair while you rest.

Comment below some of your “secret tips” you do to keep you hair looking shiny and beautiful.

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