Top 5 Uses for Orange Oil

Top 5 Uses for Orange Essential Oil
There are many benefits to using orange essential oil for improving your hehalth and well being. Below are 5 top ways orange oil can be used to benefit you.

Orange essential oil can…

1. Enhances Your Mood / Naturally Boosts Energy

Helps to reduce fatigue & enhance your mood.

Balances Your Hormones

Directly affects the olfactory system of the brain.

2. Relieves Aches & Pains

Reduce swelling & inflammation

Helps increase pain tolerance.

3. Heals Your Skin

High levels of Vitamin C. for healing skin and clearing up your acne.

Fight signs of aging, prevent wrinkles

Helps protect & slow damage from UV rays.

4. Improves Your Digestive System

Promotes better digestion to ease pain from cramps or constipation while drawing out toxins from the digestive tract.

5. Protects Your Teeth & Gums

Can be used as a mouth rinse when mixed with water. Swish around in your miuth for 15 seconds to fight off microbial growth and prevent from infections. Great for reducing cold sores or ulcers in the mouth.

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