Trick to Remove Nail Polish Without Soaking Nails

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Soaking Your Nails
How to remove your nail polish in under 10 minutes without soaking your nails!

I love nail polish colors and painting my nails. One thing I don’t care for is removing the nail polish, and it seems I spend more time removing the polish than actually painting my nails.

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend a lifetime trying to fuss with removing old polish, then this simple trick will probably be of great use to you.

No more hassle with soaking your nails and takes around half the amount of time!

What you need is some nail polish remover and large cotton balls. Make sure they are cotton balls!

First, take a cotton ball and unravel it, then split it. Begin tearing the cotton strips onto smaller pieces, about the size of your nail. Make sure you have enough pieces of cotton for each nail, and then maybe a few extra for cleaning up any left over spots.

Take a small bowl and fill it with some nail polish remover. If you don’t have a small bowl, use a cup or the lid from the polish remover.

Take each cotton piece, and lightly dip into the remover. Make sure not to soak the cotton as it will begin to fall apart.

Press the wet cotton gently onto your nail until it is completely covered. Do the same thing with each finger that you are removing the polish from.

Leave the cotton on for about 3 minutes, then take a dry piece of cotton and wipe off your nails. If done correctly, almost all of the polish should come off pretty easily. Repeat on each finger, and in just a few swipes the nail polish will be removed completely!

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