5 Uses for Vaseline

5 uses for Vaseline
There are more uses for Vaseline than you would think. We have gathered five ways Vaseline can help with your beauty routine.

1. Carefully apply a small amount of Vaseline to your eyelids before applying eye shadow to ensure your makeup lasts all day.

2. Mixing some Vaseline with eye shadow pigment creates a long-lasting, cream-based product.

3 Hair dye takes a toll on your roots and scalp.

Dab a small amount along your hairline to prevent your forehead from drying out and help to protect from hair dye.

Mix some Vaseline with a little Kool-Aid powder for a fun flavored lip gloss.

5. The skin on your elbows and knees are constantly stretching causing it to become dry and cracked.

Soften the skin and help to prevent cracked elbows by applying a little Vaseline in the mornings.

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